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1、He travelled fromtown totown selling his wares.(他走乡串镇出售自己的货品。)

2、Thetown was founded in 1610.(该城镇兴建于1610年。)

3、A new road now bypasses thetown.(一条新路绕城镇而过。)

4、Thetown is famous for its cathedral.(这个城镇以大教堂著名。)

5、Thetown has a festive holiday atmosphere.(这个城市充满了喜庆的节日气氛。)

6、I like that part of Capetown.(我喜欢开普敦的那个地方。)

7、A Serb army unit took thetown.(一支塞尔维亚部队夺取了这个镇。)

8、Thetown is three miles away.(镇子距此地三英里远。)

9、The wholetown is talking about it.(全镇的人都在议论这件事。)

10、Thetown was rocked by an earthquake.(小镇受到地震的剧烈震动。)

11、We ate at a pizzeria intown.(我们在城里一家比萨店用餐。)

12、The rebels succeeded in taking thetown.(反叛者攻占了那个城镇。)

13、Thetown fell into enemy hands.(那个小镇落到敌人手里了。)

14、Thetown is boring and characterless.(这个镇乏味且毫无特色。)

15、Did you meet anyone intown?(你在城里碰见什么人了吗?)

16、Thetown is built on a slope.(这座城建在斜坡上。)

17、Her mother lived in a nearbytown.(她母亲住在附近一个小镇上。)

18、Thetown responded gallantly to the war.(全镇居民英勇地应对这场战争。)

19、The President hitstown tomorrow.(总统明天到镇子上来。)

20、Thetown is a cultural dead zone.(这个镇子是个文化荒原。)

21、The wholetown is in festive mood.(全城喜气洋洋。)

22、They highballed out oftown.(他们急匆匆地出了城。)

23、He lives the other side oftown.(他住在城镇的另一端。)

24、The soldiers were quartered in thetown.(士兵在镇里宿营。)

25、The nearesttown is ten miles away.(最近的集镇离这里有十英里远。)

26、Thetown lies on the coast.(这个小镇位于海滨。)

27、A dirt road passes through thetown.(一条土路穿过那座城镇。)

28、Thetown was weirdly familiar.(这个城镇怪面熟的。)

29、It's a long trek intotown.(到商业区去要走很长的路。)

30、The route passes close by thetown.(这条路离那座城镇不远。)