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1、Pitcher plants use yet another strategy, growing longtube-shaped leaves to imprison their prey.(猪笼草使用了另一种策略,它们长出长长的管状叶子来囚禁猎物。)

2、Compared with ordinary people's blood (in the left testtube), nanna's blood is oyster white (the right testtube).(与普通人的血液(左侧试管)相比,外婆的血液是乳白色的(右侧试管)。)

3、Her stage outfit of hot trousers, over-the-knee boots and atube top was a bit much.(她在舞台上的装扮是热裤、过膝长靴加紧身抹胸,太过分了。)

4、Stop up the other end of thetube, will you?(你把管子的另一头堵上好不好?)

5、These movements can promote the eustachiantube merge, adjusts the internal ear pressure, reduces or prevents the earache.(这些动作可以促进咽鼓管合并,调节内耳压力,减轻或防止耳痛。)

6、We came bytube.(我们乘地铁来的。)

7、He is fed by atube that enters his nose.(他通过一根插入鼻子的管子进食。)

8、If you tie him to a blown-up innertube, he floats.(如果你把他拴在一个充气的内胎上,他就能浮起。)

9、An examination is carried out before the insertion of thetube.(插入导管前先要进行检查。)

10、These bacteria that live inside thetube worms; thetube worms provide them with hydrogensulfide and carbon dioxide.(这些细菌生活在管虫体内;管虫为它们提供硫化氢和二氧化碳。)

11、He had atube with electrodes potted in it filled with atomic hydrogen. And by applying a voltage, he was able to get the gas to glow.(他有一根装着电极的管子,里面充满了氢原子。通过施加电压,他能够使气体发光。)

12、His doctor removed his feedingtube.(他的医生拔掉了他的喂食管。)

13、Agronomists studying the herb have discovered that it produces large amounts of histidine, an amino acid that, in test-tube solutions, renders these metals chemically inert.(研究这种药草的农学家发现,它会产生大量的组氨酸,这种氨基酸在试管溶液中会使这些金属具有化学惰性。)

14、The only components required, though, are a six feet of plastictube, and a container — perhaps just a drinking cup.(不过,唯一需要的部件是一根6英尺长的塑料管,以及一个容器——也许只是一个饮水杯。)

15、Thetube worm has no mouth or digestive organs.(管虫没有嘴,也没有消化器官。)

16、You only need a very small blob of glue, so onetube lasts for ages.(你仅需要很小一滴胶水,所以一管胶水能用很久。)

17、When they dropped a stone into a widetube, the water level raised in a connected narrowtube.(当他们把一块石头扔进一个粗试管时,相连的一个细试管里的水位上升了。)

18、The most distinctive of these was something called thetube worm.(其中最特别的是一种叫管虫的生物。)

19、Each hole leads to a smalltube that runs to your nose.(每个洞都通向一根小管子,这条管子通向你的鼻子。)

20、I went out today and bought atube of toothpaste.(我今天出去买了一管牙膏。)

21、After supper, we'd sprawl on Mom's bed and stare for hours at thetube.(晚饭后,我们趴在妈妈的床上,看了好几个小时电视。)

22、Wind blows through thetube and makes it fly and dance around.(风吹过管子,使它飞起来,四处飞舞。)

23、They inserted atube in his mouth to help him breathe.(他们在他嘴里插了根导管帮助他呼吸。)

24、The only components required, are six feet of plastictube, and a container to catch the water.(唯一需要的组件是6英尺长的塑料管和一个接水的容器。)

25、The only baseball he saw was on thetube.(他只在电视上看过棒球比赛。)

26、We know they smear a liquid on thetube, but we don't know where they secrete it from or what its chemical composition is.(我们知道它们在管上涂抹了一种液体,但我们不知道它们从哪里分泌出这种液体,也不知道它的化学成分是什么。)

27、Thetube of thetube worm is really, really long.(管虫的管非常非常长。)

28、Heat the glasstube to the point that it can bend.(将玻璃管加热到能弯曲的程度。)

29、I work in the extrudedtube business.(我在挤压管行业工作。)

30、Step 3: Use a pencil to make a hole into both sides of thetube.(第三步:用铅笔在试管的两边都戳一个洞。)