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1、Like any othertype of equipment it requires regular servicing.(它和其他类型的设备一样,也需要定期检修。)

2、Is there a particulartype of book he enjoys?(他有特别喜爱的哪一类书籍吗?)

3、The important words are in boldtype.(重点词是用黑体字印刷的。)

4、He became a skid rowtype of drunkard.(他变成了那种贫民窟里常见的醉鬼。)

5、Bungalows are atype of house.(平房是一种房屋。)

6、I cantype 50 words a minute.(我每分钟能打50个单词。)

7、Thistype of allergy can very occasionally be fatal.(这类过敏症在极个别情况下有可能是致命的。)

8、Thetype was too small for me to read.(这种印刷文字太小,我看不清。)

9、I can't read this smalltype.(我无法读这种小号字体。)

10、Whattype of heating do you have?(你们用什么供暖?)

11、I can't forgive thattype of behaviour.(我不能宽恕那种行为。)

12、Have you done thistype of work before?(你以前做过这种工作吗?)

13、He's not thetype to be unfaithful.(他不是背信弃义的那种人。)

14、I cantype your essays for you.(我可以为你打文章。)

15、Thistype of work rapidly becomes routine.(这种工作很快就变得乏味无聊。)

16、I love thesetype of books.(我爱读这些种类的书籍。)

17、How fast can youtype?(你打字有多快?)

18、She's the artistictype.(她是艺术家一类的人。)

19、He's the strong silenttype.(他是那种强悍而沉默寡言的人。)

20、What do you charge for work of thistype?(这种活你收多少钱?)

21、Thistype of work is uncharted territory for us.(我们从未涉足过这类工作。)

22、He's not the nervoustype.(他不是那种好紧张的人。)

23、Speed was of the essence in a project of thistype.(速度在一个这种类型的项目中至关重要。)

24、They stock every imaginabletype of pasta.(他们备有各种能想到的意大利面食。)

25、I love thistype of book.(我喜欢这类书籍。)

26、What bloodtype do you have?(你是什么血型?)

27、We do not ordinarily carry out thistype of work.(我们通常不会实际去做这类工作。)

28、I had never really learned totype properly.(我从未真正地学会正确地打字。)