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1、He faces the toughesttest of his leadership so far.(他面临迄今为止对自己的领导工作最严峻的考验。)

2、Results for thetest programme haven't been tabulated.(试验项目的结果还没有制成表格。)

3、I'm still waiting for confirmation of thetest results.(我仍在等待考试结果的通知书。)

4、His theories have never really been put to thetest.(他的理论从未真正经受过检验。)

5、This race will be the ultimatetest of your skill.(这次竞赛将是对你的技能的最大考验。)

6、Thetest can be performed in utero.(这一测试可在子宫内进行。)

7、One chapter is headed, "Beating thetest."(有一章的标题是“战胜考验。”)

8、Is thistest a good measure of reading comprehension?(这种测试是判断阅读理解力的好方法吗?)

9、I completed thetest within the time allotted.(我在限定的时间内完成了试验。)

10、It's not a scientific way totest their opinions.(这样检验他们的观点不是一个科学的方式。)

11、Thetest qualifies you to drive heavy vehicles.(通过这一考试就有资格驾驶重型车辆。)

12、When did you take your drivingtest?(你什么时候参加的驾驶执照考试?)

13、When can I get mytest results ?(我什么时候可以拿到化验结果?)

14、The marathon is a severetest of stamina.(马拉松赛跑是对耐力的严峻考验。)

15、I got (a) B minus (B-) in thetest.(这次考试我得了个B-。)

16、That makes the third time he's failed his drivingtest!(他这已经是第三次未通过驾驶考试了!)

17、She scored 98% in the Frenchtest.(她法语考了98分。)

18、Thetest will involve answering questions about a photograph.(考试将包括回答一些关于一张照片的问题。)

19、A written IQtest is merely a guideline.(书面的智商测试只是个参考。)

20、The team are now putting their theory to thetest.(该团队正在检验他们的理论。)

21、She hasn't passed her drivingtest yet.(她还没有通过驾驶执照考试。)

22、Kevin has just passed his drivingtest.(凯文刚刚通过驾驶考试。)

23、She took her drivingtest yesterday.(她昨天参加了驾照考试。)

24、I got B plus (B+) in thetest.(我考试得了个B+。)

25、Her pregnancytest was negative.(她的孕检呈阴性。)

26、After the gruellingtest, he felt totally spent.(紧张的考试过后,他感觉筋疲力尽了。)

27、I passed my drivingtest first go.(我考驾照一次就通过了。)

28、He failed his drivingtest.(他驾驶执照考试不及格。)

29、I found thetest relatively easy.(我觉得这次测试比较容易。)

30、Thetest records the electrical activity of the brain.(这个测试显示出大脑的电流活动。)