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1、The latest disks, used for small portable computers,spin 3,600 times a minute.(用于小型手提电脑的最新磁盘每分钟转动3600次。)

2、Tom Wright celebrated his 99th birthday by going for aspin in his sporty Mazda.(汤姆•赖特开着他的运动型马自达车出去兜风以庆祝其99岁生日。)

3、Due south, directly over thespin mountain range in front of me, is the crooked line of the Pakistan border, drawn by a British diplomat in 1893.(正南方,也就是我面前旋转山脉的正上方,是一位英国外交官在1893年勾勒出的巴基斯坦弯曲的边界线。)

4、In his "Phaedrus", Plato describes a man, who after beholding a beautiful youth, begins tospin, shudder, shiver and sweat.(在他的《斐德罗篇》中,柏拉图描述了这样一个人,在看到一个美丽的青年后,他开始旋转、发抖、哆嗦、流汗。)

5、Her resignation put her colleagues in aspin.(她的辞职令同事们摸不着头脑。)

6、This driving mode allows you to move off in third gear to reduce wheel-spin in icy conditions.(这种驾驶方法可以让你用三档发动汽车以减少结冰情况下的车轮打滑。)

7、Michelle will alsospin a customer's wool fleece to specification at a cost of $2.25 an ounce.(米歇尔也将以每盎司$2.25的价格按照顾客的要求为其纺羊毛呢。)

8、She puts a lot ofspin on the ball.(她打出的球旋转得很厉害。)

9、The princess took thespindle and began to try andspin.(公主拿起纺锤开始试着纺线。)

10、My wife's lawyer was anxious tospin things out for as long as possible.(我妻子的律师极希望尽可能拖延时间。)

11、He threw it back again, putting a slightspin on the ball.(他把球略带旋转地又投掷了回去。)

12、They wouldspin and weave cloth, cook and attend to the domestic side of life.(他们纺纱、织布、做饭,还料理家务。)

13、Colt became fascinated with the ship's wheel, particularly the way it could alternatelyspin or be locked in a fixed position through the use of a clutch.(柯尔特开始痴迷于轮船的舵轮,尤其是其通过使用离合器来进行交替旋转或者锁定在特定的位置的方式。)

14、What if your life had only one bin, one ball to juggle, one plate tospin?(如果你生活中只有一个任务箱,只需抛一个球,只需转一个盘子呢?)

15、On the descents, cyclistsspin past cars, freewheeling downhill at tremendous speed.(在下坡道上,自行车手们飞快地掠过汽车,靠惯性极速冲下山去。)

16、Let's go for aspin.(咱们兜风去。)

17、If only I couldspin the photo around, then I could get a good look at it and make a sound judgement.(只要我能够旋转照片,我就可以好好观察它然后做出一个合理的结论。)

18、The TV comedy series is aspin-off of the original movie.(这部电视喜剧连续剧是电影原作的副产品。)

19、The public is sick ofspin and tired of promises.(公众厌倦了粉饰和许诺。)

20、He interpreted the vote as support for the constitution and that is thespin his supporters are putting on the results today.(他把这次投票结果解释为对宪法的支持,这也是他的支持者们对今天的结果所做的诠释与宣传。)

21、Thespin of the Earth provides an extra push.(地球的自转提供了额外的推力。)

22、You put your name into something like a bucket or aspin wheel.(你把你的名字放进一个像桶一样的东西或者滚筒里。)

23、Maybe not like Elvis or Michael Jackson, but they definitely have a rhythmic beat, and some may evenspin like a top.(也许不像猫王或迈克尔·杰克逊,但他们绝对有节奏的节拍,有些甚至可以像陀螺一样旋转。)

24、The boat started tospin around in the water.(那条船开始在水里打转。)

25、She said, "I mustspin this straw into gold, and I know not how."(她说:“我必须把这根稻草纺成金子,可我不知道该怎么做。”)

26、Some of them might bespinning clockwise, in which case, according to the right-hand rule we would consider themspin-down.(它们中的一些可能是顺时针旋转的,在这种情况下,根据右手定则,我们认为它们是向下旋转的。)

27、No one is listening. Everyone is jammed around the 800 tables, focused on the flip of cards, thespin of the roulette wheel or the roll of dice.(没有人在听。每个人都挤在800张赌台的周围,目不转睛地盯着翻开的纸牌、旋转的轮盘或者滚动的骰子。)

28、When I finally tried to drive away, my wheels began tospin.(当我终于想开车离开时,我的车轮开始打转了。)

29、Unlike the blades on old-fashioned propeller engines, these bladesspin around at the back of the engine.(与老式螺旋桨发动机的叶片不同,这些叶片在发动机的后部旋转。)