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1、Only drink bottled water and check theseal isn't broken.(只喝瓶装水,并且要看封口开了没有。)

2、Where is the seventhseal?(第七道封印在哪?)

3、Two thousand greyseal pups are born there every autumn.(2000只灰色海豹幼仔每年秋天在那里出生。)

4、Once you've broken theseal of a bottle there's no way you can put it back together again.(一旦你撕开瓶子的封口,就没法将它重新合上。)

5、The dark head of aseal bobbed up a few yards away.(在几码远处一只海豹的黑脑袋猛地钻出水面。)

6、Is it important for us to get control of that border andseal it?(对我们来说,控制并封锁边界很重要吗?)

7、He swims like aseal.(他像海豹一样游泳。)

8、Can thisseal be broken?(这个封条能撕掉吗?)

9、There is too a letter to me; a crumpled letter and theseal broken.(又有一封信:一封被揉皱了的信,封条也破了。)

10、Theseal on the box broke when it fell from its hiding-place.(盒子从隐藏处掉下时上面的封口破了。)

11、There's only oneseal left!(只剩一只海豹了!)

12、Shall I break theseal?(我可以把封漆打开吗?)

13、In the Arctic, we can see ice andseal.(在北极,我们可以看到冰和海豹。)

14、Theseal lives in the sea.(海豹生活在海里。)

15、The city shouldseal off those tunnels.(这个城市应该封闭那些隧道。)

16、seal tightly then leave for four to five days to macerate.(密封好后浸泡四到五天。)

17、She told us to glue andseal the back of envelopes.(她叫我们用胶水把信封的背面封好。)

18、What's the fifthseal?(第五个封印是什么?)

19、Theseal can swim.(海豹能游泳。)

20、He's playing with theseal.(他正在和一只海豹玩耍。)

21、I looked upon the gift as aseal on our friendship.(我把你的礼物看作我们之间友谊的见证。)

22、The letter bore the president'sseal.(信上盖有总统的印章。)

23、Is it aseal?(这是海豹吗?)

24、Theseal can't fly.(海豹不能飞。)

25、When assembling the pie, wet the edges where the two crusts join, to form aseal.(捏合馅饼时,弄湿两块面皮封合的边缘,以形成一个封口。)

26、They drank a glass of wine toseal their new friendship.(他们干了一杯,交成朋友。)

27、The leak was eventually traced to a brokenseal.(最后查出泄漏是由于密封处破裂所致。)

28、The culling ofseal cubs has led to an outcry from environmental groups.(宰杀海豹幼仔的行为已引起了环保团体的强烈抗议。)

29、When it is printed out, we should sign andseal.(它打印出来后,我们双方都要签字盖章。)

30、He broke the waxseal and unrolled the paper.(他揭去封蜡,把纸卷展开。)